About Us

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada Inc. (JRTCC) is the national club for Jack Russell Terrier fans, with provincial affiliates throughout Canada. Founded in 1989 and incorporated in 1991, the Club is an affiliate of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain.

About Us

Who is the JRTCC?

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada Inc. (JRTCC) is the national club for Jack Russell Terrier fans, with provincial affiliates throughout Canada. Founded in 1989 and incorporated in 1991, the Club is an affiliate of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain.

Our members include internationally recognized breeders, working terrier people and pet owners.

Our Mission

The Club and its affiliates are dedicated to preserving the working Jack Russell Terrier (JRT), and proudly maintain the national registry for the Jack Russell Terrier in Canada. Our guiding principle is to promote the breed's historic conformation while keeping the working ability in the forefront. In other words, our goal is that the Jack Russell Terrier should remain a bright, alert, well-rounded dog, with the form, endurance and drive to go to ground after their quarry.

Club Events

To that end, we hold a variety of events and activities designed to select for the terriers with the best heart, speed and strong hunting instincts. At National and Regional Trials, we emphasize events such as racing, lure-coursing and go-to-ground. In addition, Obedience and Agility classes showcase a terrier's intelligence and physical abilities. Showing for Conformation rewards breeders whose dogs meet the breed standard -- a standard which emphasises the health and working abilities, not the looks, of the breed. But our highest awards go to the terriers who excel at their work.

It's Fun too

While trials are a way to assess the fitness of terriers to the tasks they are bred to perform, they are also just plain fun -- for both the dogs and their people.



Why there are two Jack Russell Terrier in North America?

Board of Directors

Meet the people that take care of this club.


Trevor Holmes



Tiffany Richard


Chair, Breeders Commitee

Suzanne Hunt


Chair, Trial Committee

Giuliana Cucinelli


Past president

Kim McElroy


Chair, Judges Commitee

Rose Reid

Membership Secretary

Jennifer Brunke



Kim Bates


Vice President

Kim McElroy



Monica Terry



Laura Maher





The wonderful people that make sure everything is in order.

JRTCC Judges Committee

Rose Reid (Chair, & Non-Sanctioned Events)
Kim McElroy (Non-Sanctioned Events)
Shirley Buist (Conformation Consultant)
Tiffany Richard (Registrar)

JRTCC Breeder's Committee

Suzanne Hunt (Chair)
Laura Maher
Ammie Reid
Sandra Barnett

JRTCC Trial Committee

Giuliana Cucinelli (Chair)
Kim McElroy



Sandra Barnett / Shirley Buist / Gaye Redpath-Schaeper / Rose Reid


Krystyna Brooks / Bill Brooks / Katie Chapman / Don Morrison / Rose Reid / Lynda Rupay / Deborah Wattier

Go-to-Ground and Super Earth

Krystyna Brooks / Gaye Redpath-Schaeper / Rose Reid / Lynda Rupay / Deborah Wattier


Monica Terry

Non-Sanctioned Event Judges

Sandra Barnett / Kim Bates / Andrea Boswell / Bill Brooks / Krystyna Brooks
Patricia Budrow / Harvey Carroll /Julie Deans (Rally O)Denis Galbrand / Erin Hackney
Lyndsey Matthews / Kim McElroy / Don Morrison/ Paula Rhyndress
Veronique Risdon / Margaret Routh / Lynda Rupay / Kay Seawright
Gord Speares / Deborah Wattier

Interested in becoming a Sanctioned Judge?

Contact Rose Reid to arrange an Apprenticeship and Schedule of Training.  We also have the need for judges at our non-sanctioned events, just let us know your interest and we will connect you with a mentor to work on a plan that will suit you best.

Member Policies

Complaint Policy

Should a JRTCC member have a complaint that they feel should be acted upon by the Board, it must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a cheque in the amount of $25.00. The JRTCC cannot act on verbal complaints.

The written complaint must include detailed supporting documentation, in the event that an investigation is necessary. It should be noted that the JRTCC can take action only when a JRTCC documented rule or policy has been violated.

The individual(s) against whom the complaint has been lodged will be provided with a copy of the complaint in the form received, and the complainant will be identified.

The complaint should be forwarded to the President of the JRTCC, or the appropriate Committee Chairperson, if directly related to the responsibilities of a specific JRTCC Committee. Addresses are listed for the board and for other club officers in the members-only section of www.jrtcc.org, the club website. If the complaint is found to be valid, the $25.00 filing fee will be refunded and the complainant advised of the JRTCC’s action. All Letters of complaint are retained in the JRTCC files for future reference.

Please note that the procedure for making a personal "charge" against another member (i.e. requesting expulsion of that member by the JRTCC) is defined in the JRTCC bylaws. The above procedure does not apply in the case of personal charges.

IMPORTANT: The JRTCC does not become involved in financial or contractual disputes between buyer and seller. It is the responsibility of the buyer to get all guarantees and details of purchase in writing at the time of purchase.

Conflicting Organization Policy

The JRTCC is adamantly opposed to recognition/registration of the Jack Russell Terrier by ANY all- breed kennel club, as it is believed to be detrimental to the preservation of the working Jack Russell Terrier. In keeping with this policy, JRTCC membership is limited to individuals who support the JRTCC’s principals. Registration of Jack Russell Terriers for any variant thereof with any all-breed kennel club, or membership in any organization that supports all-breed kennel club recognition/ registration, is not acceptable for application for membership in the JRTCC.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a unique working terrier that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 100 years because it has been preserved to work. It is an unspoilt type or strain of working terrier with unique character, working ability, great intelligence. Sound physical structure and broad structural differences within the standard. These characteristics must be maintained to preserve this terrier as it remains today. The JRTCC’s unique registry, with its strict inbreeding limitations and health requirements, breed standard, Breeders Code of Ethics, and working certificate sanctioned judge and field trial programs are all designed to do just that. All those who support the JRTCC’s principals are welcome and encouraged to join the JRTCC and help us preserve this great little terrier.