Judges Program Overview

JRTCC Judges Program Overview

Steps & Support for YOU!

You can accomplish the goal of becoming a sanctioned event or non-sanctioned event judge. Our club judge’s committee will provide you with step by step guidance regarding documentation paperwork and provide practice opportunities. Join the team!

How to apply

1. Judge Application form

Indicate your interest. The Judges Committee will welcome you and have you complete the overall Judge Application form. This document provides general information about yourself and guidelines for any JRTCC judge role - just complete and submit. Then once you are accepted into the program you can volunteer at club events for hands-on judge training time.

2. Specific Event Reports

Decide which event you would like to judge. You may select to become a Non-Sanctioned Event Judge or a Sanctioned Event Judge.
Identify the event and learn what specific tasks will need to be performed. Our apprenticeship approach supports practice time available at club events. Then complete the appropriate reports indicating you have successfully completed the key areas required to attain judge recognition. If you have been performing a judge role in the past (particularly in a non-sanctioned event) then an evaluation for a grandfathered status may be considered. To complete this process the Judge Application will still need to be completed and submitted.

3. Final Acceptance by Judge’s Committee

After all the work has been done and the completed paperwork submitted the Judges Committee will review assessments and decide on acceptance or make recommendations for further improvement/experience. The club needs your help!

Rewarding Role

The JRTCC believes that its judges have a very big influence on the enjoyment of our events. When you take on this important responsibility, to the best of your ability, you will get back many benefits: meeting members and making new friends, satisfaction that you are doing a valuable part to protect and preserve the Jack Russell Terrier. Thank you for your dedication! See attached document for more details