National Trial

JRTCC 2021 National Trial 

September 24-26, 2021

Burford Fairgrounds, Burford, Ontario


September 24-26, 2021


Burford Fairgrounds

Events & Judges 

Sandra Barnett

Pet Companion Class
Laura Maher

Go to Ground
Lynda Rupay

Super Earth
Deborah Wattier

Krystyna Brooks

Gloria Mitchell

Agility Tunnellers 
Lyndsey Matthews

Ball Retrieval
Jill Atkinson

Barn Hunt
Veronique Risdon

Brush Hunt
Denis Galbrand

Lure Coursing

Bill Brooks 

Rumble Tunnel
Paula Rhyndress

Rally Obedience 
Julie Deans

Trailing & Locating 
Rose Reid 

Rat Dash

Go to Ground Jackpot
Deborah Wattier

National Trial Co-Chairs
Giuliana Cucinelli & Kim McElroy 

National Trial Secretary 
Kim Bates 


Trial Premium & General Information


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If you downloaded a previous version, please disregard it **

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National Trial Sponsors

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