Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

Annual Dues are due & payable January 1st each year in Canadian Funds (Please note that American money will be accepted at par). Membership is awarded in accordance with the rules and regulations of the JRTCC. Membership may be terminated, suspended or refused by the JRTCC Board of Directors for any conduct likely to prejudice of damage the Club or compromise the Jack Russell Terrier.

The JRTCC expressly prohibits

  • Jack Russell Terriers owned by its members and / or registered with the JRTCC
  • JRTCC members, with or without their terriers

From participating, or officiating/ judging at any events that are sponsored, produced, sanctioned by or associated, affiliated or allied with, or related in any way to organizations that are considered conflicting organizations  by the JRTCC, which consideration shall be defined at the sole discretion of the Executive of the JRTCC, should that be necessary.

The JRTCC is adamantly opposed to recognition/ registration of the Jack Russell Terrier by ANY all-breed kennel club, as it is believed to be detrimental to the preservation of the individuals who support the JRTCA’s principles. Registration of Jack Russell Terriers for any variant thereof with any all-breed kennel club, or membership in any organization that supports all breed kennel club recognition/ registration, is not acceptable for application to membership in the JRTCC.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a unique working Terrier that has remained virtually unchanged for more then 100 years because it has been preserved for work. It is an unspoiled type or strain of working terrier with unique character, working ability, great intelligence, sound physical structure and broad structural differences within the standard. These characteristics must be maintained to preserve this terrier as it remains today. The JRTCC’s unique registry with its strict inbreeding limitations and health requirements, breed standard, Breeders Code of Ethics, and working certificate, sanctioned judges and field trail programs are all designed to do just that. All those who support the JRTCC’s principles are welcome and encouraged to join the JRTCC and help us preserve this great little terrier.

Members should note that this policy applies only  to the participation or exhibition of Jack Russell Terriers in such events,

and not the participation or exhibition of other breeds or types of dogs owned by a JRTCC member.

Membership Types

Members who are “youths” (meaning under 18 years of age) are non-voting. Youth members may participate in all events except the Annual General Meeting. Age is determined as that on January 1st of the calendar year.

  • Family  – two adults and youths all living at one address.
  • Single  – one adult and youths all living at one address.
  • Associate – one adult, non-voting. “Associate” members may participate in all events except the National Trial and the Annual General Meeting. One can upgrade to full membership, however, before September 1st of the Associate membership term.