Apply for Membership Jack Russel Terrier Club

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada invites all Jack Russell Terrier admirers and owners to join the Club in its efforts to preserve the historic conformation and working qualities of this wonderful, versatile dog. To this end, we maintain a breed registry, hold trials and fun days and keep members in touch via our website.

We welcome all whose interests include any or all of showing, hunting, breeding and, perhaps most important, loving this most loyal companion and best friend. Being a JRTCC member means you share and want to further the goals of the club, as stated in the JRTCC Constitution. It means you do not support Kennel Club recognition of Jack Russell Terriers (learn more). It means your terrier may be registered or recorded in the JRTCC Breed Register and enter National and Regional Trials, to compete where the top titles and Awards recognizing the best terriers are to be won.

Membership Types

The JRTCC offers a variety of membership options, including a Junior membership for persons under 18 years old who do not reside with current JRTCC members holding a full membership.


One adult, non-voting, members. May participate in all events except the National Trial and the Annual General Meeting.


One adult and youths all living at one address.


Two adults and youths all living at one address.

Please note that membership fees for 2019 have increased $5.