Why Volunteer?


JRTCC is a not for profit organization that relies solely on volunteers. Volunteering is a very important role that keeps the club active and the events offered successfully. You will learn more and will meet other members that share a common interest.  Even a few hours of your time makes a big difference.

Please join us and help in any way you can!

Volunteering takes on many forms throughout the year. JRTCC needs help in the following areas:

  • organize and project plan events, bring new ideas forward for consideration
  • support on the actual day of an event by helping to: set up and take down equipment, greet participants at the entry table, host an activity in a steward role, judge an event, manage the raffle table, set up site decorations/signs
  • some people choose to volunteer by sponsoring and donating gifts for the fundraising activities or by helping hand out ribbons/trophies

So please step up!

Help is always needed and greatly appreciated – be part of our volunteer team.  You will have the support you require.

Many hands make light work – all of us want to play with our dogs and that’s one reason we are members of the JRTCC. Please consider giving a small amount of your time so that everyone can enjoy our events! Volunteering helps us all!!!


If interested in volunteering or to learn more about the opportunities please contact pbudrow@bell.net