About the Jack Russell Terrier Breed Registry

Effective February 1st, 1996, the JRTCC implemented a Breed Registry. A terrier is not eligible for registration with the JRTCC in the Breed Register until it reaches one year of age, has attained its full adult height, dentition and other aspects considered for full maturity. The individual applying for "Registration" MUST adhere to the Breed Standard. The "Register" will not accept Terriers with genetic faults.

The JRTCC administers a Breeding Registry of Jack Russell Terriers, designed specifically to maintain the Jack Russell Terrier as a healthy Working Terrier, free from genetic faults and characteristics that would be detrimental.

To "Register" a terrier, a member must complete the applicable forms and send them to:

Tiffany Richard

640 Grey Street Unit # 304
Brantford, Ontario N3S 4Y3


The forms will be checked for completeness, and if the terrier meets the requirements it will be issued a Certificate of Registration.

If a terrier is not accepted in the Registry, but meets the general criteria for a Jack Russell Terrier, it will be "Recorded" in the JRTCC system. That means that all records on the recorded terrier will be kept on file the same as for the registry, and a Certificate of Recording will be issued, which permits the terrier to qualify for JRTCC Trial and Certificate of Field Worthiness.

Terriers will be rejected for recording if they possess a genetic defect unless spayed or neutered. (Statement from a licensed veterinarian confirming spaying or neutering must accompany a Recording application).

Application and appeal procedures

If there are any errors or missing documentation from the application the registrar will inform the member by mail and the member has 60 days to correct and/or supply the required documentation or the application will be closed, the application fee forfeit, and the member will have to resubmit the entire application.

To appeal the decision of the judge, submit the appeal, in writing, to the JRTCC Board of Directors for review. Include the reasons for the appeal and any supporting documentation. The Board of Directors decision will be final.

The Registration/Recording Certificate will be printed, signed by the Registrar, have the terrier's left and right side photographs attached to the back and the entire document will be laminated. This certificate will act as the terrier's identification; i.e., proof of Registration/Recording.

How to fill and sign a PDF form

1. Open a PDF document in Acrobat.
2. Click the “Fill & Sign” tool in the right pane.
3. Fill out your form: Complete form filling by clicking a text field and typing or adding a text box. You can add checkmarks and fill in radio buttons too.
4. Sign your form: Click “Sign” in the toolbar at the top of the page. Then draw, type, or choose an image for your signature. Then click “Apply” to place your signature on the form.
5. Send your form: After you have filled the form, you can share the PDF with others and even send to sign. To share the form, click Next and follow the instructions.

Registry Requirements


Jack Russell Terrier must be over one (1) year of age to qualify for Registration/Recording.


The owner must be a current member in good standing of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada for the Jack Russell Terrier to be Registered/Recorded.

Application Form

Application Form completed in full and signed. Fee is $25 for terrier whose parents are JRTCC or JRTCA Registered/Recorded (both sire and dam Reg/Rec), or $35 for registration with sire and/or dam not Reg/Rec with JRTCC or JRTCA.

Health Certificate

JRTCC Health Certificate must be completed in full and signed by the owner of JRT and a copy of any supporting documentation attached.

Terrier's Name

The application shall include a first and second choice for the terrier's registered name. If the breeder of the terrier has JRTCC and/or JRTCA registered kennel name, the name will be used as the prefix for the terrier's name. If the first choice name (combination of kennel name and owner's selected name) is already used as a JRTCC registered name then the second choice will be checked for conflict, if both names are already registered with the JRTCC then the owner will be asked to supply two more choices. Suffixes (ie: current owner's kennel name) are not included in the dog's registered name.


Six (6) Photographs, taken in colour, of the terrier standing on a level hard surface with the feet visible. The terrier must be at least one year of age. The photographs are to be from the front, left and right sides (left and right side doubles required), and rear of terrier. The left and right doubles will be attached to the back of the Registration/Recording Certificate to act as photographic identification of terrier. The photographs must portray the terrier in a natural position (not stacked). Outdoor shots are preferable with good contrast between terrier and background. Avoid a cluttered/busy background. On the back of the photograph write terrier's full name, date of photograph and terrier's age. Photographs must be signed by the Veterinarian during the completion of the Veterinarian's Certificate for Registration.

* Polaroid photos are not acceptable. Four of the photographs (front, left and right sides and rear) submitted become property of JRTCC and will not be returned. The doubles of the left and right sides will be attached to and returned with the Registration/Recording Certificate.


Dual Registration

The JRTCC/JRTCA Reciprocity Agreement offers members on both sides of the border a cost saving to dual register their terriers in both countries, allowing their dogs to participate in National and Regional Trials. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to be a current member of both clubs. Learn more about the difference between the two clubs.

Procedure for American residents JRTCC members

To register your terriers
  • a copy of the terrier's JRTCA registration certificate
  • the application for registration
  • a copy of the JRTCA pedigree or a signed copy of the breeder's own pedigree.
  • Photos, one of the right side and one of the left side to be kept on file. A duplicate set is required if you want pictures laminated on the terrier's certificate of registration. Photos are for identification purposes, as the terrier has already been vet-checked and accepted by the JRTCA.
  • $15 $Cdn.

The owner must be a current member of the JRTCA and the JRTCC, and must reside in the US. This procedure does not apply to JRTCC members living in Canada.